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What do you get when you cross a computer programmer and a joke-teller?


I'd love to tell you, but the punchline isn't working yet; it'll be in a future update.


Call me K.L. I was raised all over the south in a series of increasingly tiny towns until I finally joined the Air Force out of a desire for some culture (which gives you some idea of just how dull things were). I've spent most of my professional life working on computers in one capacity or another. Occasionally I get one to work.

I've been writing for fun most of her life, and for publication since about 2011. I've written for multiple websites and publications, and now I get to share some of my stories with you.


Recently I signed on with Desert Palm Press (not to be confused with Dessert Palm Press, which mostly does cookbooks), who will be printing my debut novel, "The Road to Kalazad", later this year.


In the meantime, thanks for coming by. Please join me over on Facebook, where I am blogging the publication process and sharing lots of miscellaneous tidbits.